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Registered dietitians are your most credible, objective source for nutrition information. Our mission is to improve the wellbeing of our clients through healthier living.

Our Team
Safa Nooromid

For over a decade now, Safa Nooromid has devoted her life and career to diet and nutrition. With a focus on renal dietetics, she has served over 1,000 patients, treating kidney health, monitoring lab results, performing pre- and post-bariatric surgery evaluations and checking medication and diet instruction.

When she isn’t interfacing with clients who face the issues of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease or morbid obesity, Safa is appearing as a guest speaker for various universities and company health fairs or working with student interns. She especially enjoys facilitating nutrition educational programs to inform sustainable lifestyle changes for individuals and small groups.

As a registered dietitian in the state of Georgia, she earned both her bachelor’s and combined master’s and internship of nutrition degrees from Georgia State University.

In addition to her busy career, Safa is an active member and board volunteer of Congregation Etz Chaim as well as an avid spinner and tennis player.

Rachel Levin

Rachel has been working with the Nooromid Nutrition Consulting Group since January of 2009. After not fully understanding the importance of nutrition and exercise as a child, she was drawn into the field as a young adult upon seeing the impact it made on her mother Safa’s life.

As Safa applied her knowledge as a dietitian in their kitchen at home, Rachel began to appreciate how much it affected her heath and wellbeing. Now in her role as a nutritionist, Rachel counsels patients on how to live a healthy life, lose weight and get rid of nagging health symptoms. In addition to her one-on-one consultations, she is also responsible for delivering health checks and workshops for individuals and groups.

Her goal is to enrich the knowledge of others about good nutrition as well as help them better understand how healthy eating should not be labeled as a diet, but a way of life. Before joining Nooromid Nutrition, Rachel attended Ashworth University where she earned certification in The Professional Nutrition, Diet and Heath Program.

When she’s not meeting with patients, Rachel enjoys running, playing tennis, kickboxing and playing with her dog Ajay.

Work With Us

Nooromid Nutrition Consulting Group is always looking for motivated individuals to join our team. If you are a registered dietitian, enjoy working independently, are interested in flexible hours and a competitive salary, and are looking for part- or full-time work (or an internship), we invite you to contact us with the following information in your cover letter:

  • Name
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  • Please specify full-time, part-time or internship
  • Hours per week/month you’re looking to work
  • Number of years of experience (individualized counseling experience as well
    as any specialized expertise)
  • Desired pay range